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Wordy Wednesdayyyyy #26

Discolored synonym: stain

Discolored sentence: There was a discolored dot on my shirt after I ate a messy burger.

Forensic synonym: judicial, legal

Forensic sentence: There was forensic evidence they could use to plead the client guilty.

Marvel synonym: wonder

Marvel sentence: Disneyland is known to be a marvel for making everyone’s wishes come true.

Shambles synonym: a mess

Shambles sentence: My room was in shambles because I haven’t cleaned it in 10 years.

Gambit synonym: plan, plot

Gambit sentence: The gambit is to steal the money from the bank and erase all types of evidence it was us.

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Journal #49

I think that technology does make our lives easier. Firstly, technology helps make our lives easier because there are many helpful things technology can help you do. Some inventions that are efficient to us today include: cell phones, computers, music players, etc. Cell phones can help contact another person with distance between them. Computers have many uses to them because they can be used to research information, communicate with people and be used as entertainment. Communication these days are much easier with these inventions, as well as working faster.

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Wordy Wednesday #25

Solitary synonym: alone

Solitary sentence: He was left in solitary confinement for attempting to murder his neighbors.

Crimson synonym: deep red

Crimson sentence: The crimson blood was dripping from his neck as he was being devoured by a werewolf .

Diabolical synonym: devilish

Diabolical sentence: The evil master had a diabolical plan to destroy the city.

Totalitarian synonym: dictatorial

Totalitarian sentence: The teacher was the totalitarian whose students obeyed her.

Adversary synonym: opponent

Adversary sentence: To defeat your adversary, you must use technique and strategy.

Vanquished synonym: conquer

Vanquished sentence: The mighty hero vanquished the monsters in order to save his town.


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Wordy Wednesday #24

Prodigy synonym: wonder, sensation

Prodigy sentence: Justin Bieber went from a random kid on Youtube to a prodigy that tours around the world and performs many concerts.

Conceivable synonym: reasonable, imaginable

Conceivable sentence: The obsessed fans had to outline their conceivable plan to sneak into the Justin Bieber concert.

Detonate synonym: explode

Detonate sentence: The angered fan wanted to detonate the stadium because she did not get close seats to Justin Bieber.

Smoldering synonym: burning slowly with no flames

Smoldering sentence: Because the dedicated fans waited outside the stadium for over 10 hours, they brought a raw egg to cook which was smoldering in the extremely hot sun.

Abstract synonym: conceptual, imaginary

Abstract sentence: The teacher believed it was abstract for the ordinary school girls to dream about meeting Justin Bieber.

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wordy wednesday #23

Revolting synonym: disgusting

Revolting sentence: The revolting smell coming from the kitchen was making it hard to sleep.

Phlegm synonym: mucus

Phlegm sentence: She almost choked on her own phlegm.

Valiant synonym: brave

Valiant sentence: The valiant prince battled against a strong, brobdingnagian dragon.

Careening synonym: lean, sway

Careening sentence: The ship was careening when they came across bad weather.

Gullible synonym: easily cheated

Gullible sentence: The gullible girl believed that the solution to becoming thinner was to dye your hair the colors of the rainbow.


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worday wednesdayyy #22 dawgz

Vandal synonym: someone who defiles property

Vandal sentence: There are many vandals found drawing on the walls.

Devour synonym: consume

Devour sentence: To win the contest, he was to devour 800 french fries in his mouth in a minute.

Mayhem synonym: chaos, confusion

Mayhem sentence: There was in mayhem when the city was being attacked by the powerful, evil monsters.

Carnage synonym: massacre

Carnage sentence: There was a lot of carnage in the thriller/horror movie we just watched in theater.

Suppress synonym: restrain

Suppress sentence: To suppress her tears, she had to laugh a lot.

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werdy wednesday #21 c:

Sentient synonym: conscious

Sentient sentence: Sometimes, dogs are replaced with less sentient pets, like rodents.

Porous synonym: having holes, spongy

Porous sentence: The porous rock soaked up a lot of moisture.

Geysers synonym: fountains

Geysers sentence: There was a geyser in the mall that kids got to throw pennies in.

Dismember synonym: cut into pieces

Dismember sentence: The tough animal had to dismember its prey for dinner.

Glistening synonym: shiny, polished

Glistening sentence: Her teeth were sparkly white and glistening as she departed from the dentist.

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loOOooOove story & tragic story


Jessica slipped on her headphones and began to take her daily jog around the park to train for her 5k race. She was scrolling through her Ipod for her favorite song when she suddenly bumped into a streetlight and toppled over. The guy sitting on the park bench helped her up and asked if she needed to see a doctor, for there could have been a minor injury. Her head was throbbing so she took a seat near the guy, Josh. They made conversation until Jessica’s mom called her, and she left. After a few days of talking and seeing Jessica, he decided he would jog with her. As they jogged together, they got closer and they liked each other. When the day of the 5k race finally came, Josh was cheering in the crowd to support Jessica, and she ended up winning first place. To celebrate Jessica’s win, Josh took her out to eat and hang out, and they live happily ever after. ❤


April 12th, the day of Kylie and Jaden’s 6 year anniversary, was beginning and Jaden has everything planned out. He prepared her favorite scrumptious meal on her bedside table with a love note. He told Kylie’s friends to keep her busy during his working hours, for he would meet her at her surprise dinner. He made reservations to the most delicious and elegant restaurant in town  for the two of them to celebrate. It was 5:00 P.M., an hour away from the dinner surprise. Jaden needed to stop by the dry-cleaners and pick up a bouquet of her favorite flowers. As he arrived home to change into his suit, Kylie was headed home, so he needed to leave to the restaurant. It was 5:40 P.M. and by now, Jaden was in a rush to the store to pick up the flowers. Jaden ran across the street making sure Kylie would not see him. He was such in a rush, he did not realize the car zooming straight towards him; it was too late. The girls blindfolded Kylie and dropped her off in the front of the restaurant. She was searching for Jaden, but he was nowhere to be found. She called him several times, but there was no response. The hospital soon called Kylie, and announced that he passed away. She rushed to the hospital and found him laying in the hopsital bed. They had searched him of his belongings to find contact information, and in his pocket lay a beautiful, diamond ring, with a beloved note written to Kylie. :’c

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wordayyy wednesday #20 c:

Smidgen synonym: tiny amount

Smidgen sentence: There was a smidgen of people shopping at the mall on Wednesday.

Cynical synonym: doubtful

Cynical sentence: She was extremely cynical when it came to winning Justin Bieber M&G tickets.

Disembodied synonym: spiritual, ghostly

Disembodied sentence: The frightened boy heard a disembodied voice while walking through the dark hallway of a haunted mansion.

Piqued synonym: irritated, offended

Piqued sentence: She was greatly piqued when her boyfriend told her she was not the prettiest girl in school.

Perceptive synonym: sensitive

Perceptive sentence: Because he had a perceptive nature, he immediately knew his daughter was hurt when he mentioned her ex-boyfriend.

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wordy wednesday 19

Predicament synonym: difficult situation

Predicament sentence: She was in a predicament when she could not decide what she wanted to wear for the Justin Bieber concert.

Preordained  synonym: decide beforehand

Preordained sentence: It was preordained that Justin was going to put a flower crown on the One Less Lonely Girl.

Unalterable synonym: not changeable

Unalterable sentence: Justin Bieber’s perfect skin and hair will forever be unalterable.

Expedition synonym: journey

Expedition sentence: Some people make an expedition across the world just to see Justin Bieber’s concert.

Frigid synonym: extremely cold (temperature)

Frigid sentence: We were frigid after waiting several hours in the wind while wearing shorts.

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